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    I have realized that part of my severe brain injury recovery is to be creative with incredible passion. Creativity has allowed me to feel a sense of self worth to the community, and our community reacts beautifully. Many business owners may already own my work or simply have it shown in their business. For example, customers dining at Davidsons Brewery can see my work on the cover of their menu.

    Recently, the Glens Falls City Mayor's Office commissioned me to create artwork for Mayor Hall’s trip to our sister city, Saga Japan. My work was a gift from the City of Glens Falls to Saga. I work closely with Amy Collins, the Glens Falls Tourism Director, as she makes great connections with visitors to the region and business owners.

    It seems that I never turn down a request. There has not been a challenge that I cannot seem to connect with the composition requested, whether architecture, portraits, pets, memorials etc. A new challenge seems to allow my brain to figure out not only how to create it but to create it with tremendous emotion. The greatest joy I can provide is seeing and feeling the joy or tears in the client's eyes when I went above and beyond what they expected.

    Regarding my medium; I generally work with charcoal and graphite as a base. Creating shadows and enhancing white light nearly brings my work into the 3-D range. Much of my work is donated also for fundraisers, such as, Adirondack Film Festival, Adirondack Theater Festival, Prospect School Festival of Trees, local churches, LARAC, Glens Falls Collaborative and more...


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