• About Us

  • Founded in 1914, the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC) is a 100% membership funded organization representing in excess of 23,000 people predominantly in New York State's Washington, Warren, Essex and Northern Saratoga Counties. ARCC is a 501c6 not-for-profit corporation, governed by volunteer Board of Directors, and does not receive any funding from local, county or state governments. All employer contributions to ARCC are tax-deductible as a business expense.

    Our Legacy

    For over one hundred (100) years, the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce has been recognized as the advocate for, and of, business in the tri-county region. We proudly serve this thriving community including Essex, Warren, Washington and northern Saratoga counties. 

    The ARCC is comprised of members representing a myriad of business entities across industry sector lines. Our membership includes sole proprietors, professional services, manufacturers, headquarters of corporate offices, and a dynamic creative economy.

    The ARCC's mission is to partner with and support regional businesses to grow, succeed and thrive. We unite all industries to collectively address obstacles and issues that impact continual investment and growth opportunities for everyone.

    We expand economic outlets throughout the region and provide a platform to showcase unique products or services. We also implement programs that bring cutting edge concepts from theoretical to operational systems.

    We are dedicated and focused on the acceleration of industries thriving in this tri-county region. We welcome you to explore, experience, and embrace our way of doing business; which is living and working like you're on vacation! 


    The Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce will be the voice of business in our region and will provide exceptional value to its members.


    Help local companies succeed, grow and thrive and expand economic opportunity throughout the region.