• BIWI BODY - Because I'm Worth It



    About Us

    Unlock your body's full potential and well-being with cutting edge cryotherapy (cold air therapy) for aesthetics ( skin, tightening, scar treatment, chronic skin conditions), pain management, inflammation reduction, and body contouring.

    Experience rejuvenation with EMS muscle stimulation to tone, tighten, and revitalize muscles; red light therapy to help improve skin and relax in body air compression suites to reduce inflammation (swelling), increase circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Step on our vibration plates to help improve balance, core strength and bone density. Our 3-D body scanning technology provides a comprehensive analysis of your body allowing us to track progress and tailor treatments.

    Whether you are seeking to recover from intense workouts, reduce inflammation, tighten skin, lateness, scar or stretch marks,sculpt your body, or simply revitalize your energy levels, BIWI BODY is here to partner with you on your wellness journey.