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    Ann Donnelly Personal and Professional Wellness provides content, classes, events, and experiences to support personal and professional wellness for women to realize their full potential. Topics include Professional Wellness, Mindset & Spirituality, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Travel.

    Ann Donnelly, owner and founder of Placentric Digital Marketing, has 25 years of digital marketing experience and 40 years of business management experience in various organizations — from a private university to a Fortune 500 international printing firm to building a successful accountancy and business advisory firm (while raising three small children). She grew up in a small town in Upstate New York and has since lived in New York City, London, and rural Ireland.

    Through Ann Donnelly Personal and Professional Wellness, Ann shares the experiences and knowledge gained through her passion for continuous learning and embracing experiences to live her best life, from building her career in corporate America as a single young woman in NYC, raising three exceptional children while living in a foreign country away from family AND running two businesses, reestablishing herself personally and professionally after divorce and returning to the US, to becoming her healthiest, fittest, and happiest at 60 years of age while battling an autoimmune disease.

    Current offerings include Turn Up Dance Fitness classes and a New Year Fitness Challenge.

    Coming soon: Raising Your Voice, a strategic communications masterclass for women, in conjunction with Ann's other business, Placentric Digital Marketing.


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