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    Adirondack Institute is a not-for-profit charitable association created to produce musicals in NYS, mostly by Neal Herr. It has received many grants over 20 years, most recently from LARAC for Zigzag and two for Nearby Faraway, from the Warren County Tourism Department and the Touba Family Foundation. These three organizations need to be included in all publicity about them.

    Zigzag is an original, small-cast, personal rom-com musical about love over time, performed at The Strand in Hudson Falls on Mother's Day weekend, May 6-8, 2022, asking the musical question, ''What would you tell your younger self -- about love?'' The older characters sing and reflect while the younger ones dance out their former romances, showing how love changes over time. Music, book and lyrics by Neal Herr; directed by Nicole McDonald and choreographed by Timothy Frost. Info attached.

    Nearby Faraway is an original historical dramatic musical about Georgia O'Keeffe and her husband/manager Alfred Stieglitz on the Centennial of her breakthrough years in Lake George, performed at The Carriage House Theater at Ft. William Henry on two weekends at the end of July. Based on 12 years of research, it dramatizes the turbulent and inspiring story of Georgia, America's Favorite Painter, and her supportive but domineering soulmate, Alfred, a world-renowned photographer: the most written-about couple of the 20th century. Music composed by Catherine Reid; book and lyrics by Neal Herr; directed by Vincent de Tourdonnet; choreographed by Steven Satterfield; with Hillary Parker (AE) as Georgia and Anthime Miller as A


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