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  • Lifestyles vary widely throughout the region which offers homes in urban centers, convenient suburbs and country settings. Traditionally established neighborhoods abound, with older homes in a variety of styles.

    The area has also seen extensive new development of single-family homes and townhouses. These newer planned communities offer an array of amenities, including tennis courts, indoor swimming pools, fitness centers and golf courses.

    Prices do vary throughout communities, ranging from an affordable bungalow at approximately $90,000 to a luxury executive home in the $400-600,000 range. Quality is available throughout the housing market. Townhouses and condos range from $70,000 to $900,000.

    Most communities within the Adirondack Region obtain electricity and natural gas from either National Grid or the New York State Gas and Electric Company. Water and sewer service is provided through district, city, town or village systems, and private wells are not uncommon. A number of telecommunications and internet companies provide communications services to the world.

    Glens Falls and several of the larger communities have their own police and fire departments and other emergency services. When not supplied locally, the emergency needs of smaller towns, villages and rural areas are met through consolidated services, which ensure that fire, police and ambulance protection are available to all. Because of these blanket services and intermunicipal cooperation, the region enjoys a general feeling of security and comfort.

    Housed in modern buildings or those that have served congregations for a century or more, the area's churches, synagogues and other places of worship are present in every community. Individual houses of worship offer a wide range of adult and youth activities.

    Every community within the Adirondack region offers residents numerous opportunities to participate in civic and service organizations, business and professional associations, youth and senior citizens' groups.

    One of the Adirondack Regional Chamber's most important contributions is its Leadership Adirondack program. This five-month training course is designed to prepare volunteers to lead the region's non-profit and civic organizations and governments in the 21st century.

    The Adirondack Region's malls and shopping areas number in the hundreds, shops and stores in the thousands. That means an incredible variety of goods and services to satisfy the needs of residents and attract thousands of visitors. Bargain hunters delight in the area's many factory outlet stores, antique auctions and flea markets. Antique and specialty shops in several communities bring people from far and wide to shop.

    Seasonal offerings from the surrounding countryside fill grocery stores, farmers' markets and roadside stands to overflowing. Many of the area's finer restaurants also serve locally grown fruits and vegetables.

    One particular destination of sophisticated shoppers is the now famous 'Million Dollar Half-Mile,' a stretch of U.S. Route 9 from Route 149 to Northway Exit 20 in Queensbury. On both sides of the road are four major outlet malls with several individual outlets. A choice of fine restaurants and accommodations are also close by. The outlets are a favorite motorcoach tour stop.

    Other significant retail areas are downtown Glens FallsAviation Mall and Quaker Road in Queensbury; U.S. Route 9 from Saratoga Springs to Chestertown; Route 9N from Corinth to Ticonderoga; and U.S. Route 4 from Schuylerville to Whitehall. Major retailers include St. Andrews ACE Hardware, French Mountain Commons Outlet Center, Adirondack Outlet Mall, Hannaford Supermarkets, J.E. Sawyer & Co., Inc., Sutton's Marketplace, D'Ella Auto Group, Nemer Chrysler-Dodge, Glens Falls Toyota, Whiteman Chevrolet, Stewart's Shops, and Wal*Mart.