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    Farm to Table Restaurant in Downtown Glens Falls

    Since 2015, we’ve been a pioneer in the restaurant food revolution and local farm-to-table movement. We’ve created a reputation for seasonally fresh and local ingredients within an atmosphere unlike anything else in our area. At Mint, we believe in the power of community. We believe that we can connect our beautiful Northeast city with sustainable family farmers. That if we work together, we can heal our broken food system and create a healthier, more delicious, just, and sustainable future for all of us.

    We source as much as possible from the highest quality local businesses and artisans. We use products that are fresh, regardfully raised, and in season. In the occasion we do have to go further afield, it is only in our continual pursuit of excellent quality and flavor. It is our intention with this new name and location, to bring a unique and vibrant experience to the city of Glens Falls.

    We work with 50 or so local farms and businesses. Our mission is to be as community oriented and as locally sourced as possible, without sacrificing quality! Conscientious of dietary needs, we have many savory gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan menu items. We take pride in offering high quality pastured-grazed meats, and wild caught seafood.

    Our specialty cocktails and homemade elixirs are all hand crafted. The seasonal ingredients, homemade syrups, infused liquors and balanced pours, blend beautifully to create a unique and delicious finish. We use spirits from unique crafters and local distilleries.