• Giovanni Fresco LLC



    About Us

    Ciao we are Giovanni & Francesca a young Italian couple that moved from Rieti, Italy in 2016 and moved to upstate NY, to come and pursue the American Dream.

    Not finding the taste, simplicity and authenticity of the “real” Italian Food we decided in 2017 to establish our business.
    That’s how Giovanni Fresco was born, Fresco means Fresh and that’s what we do, we make it fresh you eat it fresh.

    We started by attending local farmers markets to get our food out there directly to the consumer.

    We are proud to say that finally our dreams came through and we will have a home.

    In fact in 2023 we will have our first brick and mortar, in Glens Falls, this city showed us so much support and love through our the years so we are so happy to open here.

    Our mission is to make Authentic Italian food made fresh daily.
    Our goal is to provide you with the most authentic and fresh Italian dish you’ll ever have.

    If you can’t go to ITALY no worries we will bring it to you.
    All the food will be made fresh daily and can be purchased Ready to eat - Ready to bake - Frozen.

    Ci vediamo presto / see you soon.
    Buon appetito


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