• Is Starting a Business Making You Stressed? Use These Strategies to Take Control of Your Work and Health

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    Starting a small business is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Getting your business off the ground will take immense effort, long hours, and overcoming stressful situations daily. However, don’t fret, as when done the right way, your business will help you achieve financial independence and serve as a medium to pursue your passion and lead a fulfilling life. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways for new entrepreneurs to run a successful business while keeping stress in check.

    Establishing Your Business the Right Way

    First, let’s dive into the steps for creating strong business foundations:

    • Register an LLC: By default, all businesses are considered sole proprietorships, which leaves you (the owner) open to the risk of unlimited liability for business-related debts. So if a lawsuit arises, your personal savings and assets can be used by creditors to pay off debts. However, a limited liability company (LLC) provides personal asset protection because it registers the business as a separate legal entity.

    • Invest Well in Marketing: According to research by Word Stream, small businesses, on average, invest between 5-10% of their revenue toward digital marketing. By creating a strong digital presence, you’ll be able to directly communicate product benefits to your customers, motivate them to make purchases, and convert them into loyal customers.

    • Leverage Software Solutions: Utilize the power of technology wherever possible. For instance, when managing a team of freelancers, using PDF documents allows you to send encrypted, secure files, so you don’t have to worry about any sensitive information being compromised. You can use a PDF file converter to turn Microsoft files into PDF files by dragging and dropping them into the one-click tool. Adobe Acrobat offers a PDF converter and a variety of PDF editing tools that allow you to change up the text, graphics, and layout of your business documents so you can get and stay organized.

    Keeping Work-Related Stress in Check

    Managing a business is bound to cause a strain on your mental health. This is represented in research conducted by Super Powers HQ, which states that up to 45% of entrepreneurs report being stressed due to their business. Below are a few useful strategies to keep work-related stress in check:

    • Schedule Regular Breaks: A common mistake made by new entrepreneurs is mistaking the number of hours worked with productivity. In reality, productivity refers to the amount of work one can complete during the course of the day. The best way to keep your mind fresh at all times of the day is to schedule a 15-minute break after every two hours of work. 

    • Make Daily “To Do” Lists: Life and work are less stressful when you feel prepared, so get yourself organized by making “to do” lists each night before bed. This practice will help prevent accidental oversights or suprise appointments that you forgot about until they came due. 

    • Work with a Life Coach: Whether you’re struggling with maintaining a work-life balance or finding it difficult to manage stress, working with a life coach can be a great option to solve both of these problems. A life coach will provide you with strategies on how to prioritize tasks, techniques to recognize and disassociate from stressors, and serve as a guide to help in individual and professional endeavors. 

    • Make Time for Self-Care: Activities like exercise, meditation, and deep breathing are a few of the many self-care activities that can help entrepreneurs manage daily stressors and live a healthier lifestyle. To ensure you practice one or more of these activities daily, include them in your schedule. Just like you block times in your calendar for meetings, dedicate at least 30 minutes to self-care. 

    Find Ways to Reduce and Manage Stress

    As an entrepreneur, you're bound to face stressful situations. However, by taking steps like establishing an LLC and using software solutions such as a PDF editor, you'll take a significant weight off your shoulders and safeguard personal interests.

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