• Faith, Hope and Love

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    A Message from ARCC President Michael Bittel

    Faith, Hope and Love

    How many times do we hear these wonderful words of “Faith, Hope and Love” at a wedding? Every time I hear these words during the wedding ceremony I start to choke up. I choke up because of the happiness, joy and “Faith, Hope and Love” for the new couple. I think back to the day Wendy and I were married, and the continued “Faith, Hope and Love” that we share together each and every day.

    I believe those words, “Faith, Hope and Love”, are shining in our community right now, more than ever.

    Each day I speak with neighbors, business owners, farmers, and elected officials who all have Faith that we will get through this together. We all have Faith that together we can lean on each other, help each other and be better off together. We have Faith that we will be stronger for having faced adversity together and supporting each other in our time of need.

    Hope is defined as an expectation that something will happen. We all have Hope that through this time good will come of our trials and tribulation. We have Hope that when this is over that so much of the grace, giving and goodwill that is evident now will continue when we “get back to normal”.

    The bottom line is you can’t do Faith and Hope without Love. The Love that I have seen from so many people in this community has truly blown me away. I have so many conversations throughout the day with folks asking me things like, “what can we do to help the community?”, “how can we best help our employees and keep them safe?”, and “how can my talents be used to help others?” Not one of those questions are asked for something in return. They are all asked with Love.

    We at the ARCC cannot thank you enough for the privilege of serving you and the community. Please know that our Faith is strong, our Hope is ever reaching, and our Love is truly from the heart.

    We are in this together.



    Michael Bittel
    Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce

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