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    $150 Value - Consultation & Toxic Metal Test for ARCC Members 2022
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    Toxic Metal Testing
    Toxic heavy metals are everywhere in our environment. They are in our air, in our food, and in our water. I believe some people have a genetic defect where they hold on to these heavy metals more than others. It is known that women hold on to heavy metals more than men. Testing for toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium is easy to do.

    Heavy metals are cleared from the bloodstream in about 30 days and end up being stored in the bone, liver, spleen, brain, and other tissues. Over the years, they slowly leach back out causing disruption of the normal protective systems in our bodies which impacts our health.

    A toxic metal removing agent called EDTA was discovered in the 1930s. It is an FDA approved substance that binds heavy metals and removes them from your body. When EDTA is given, it magnetically binds these toxic metals and removes them through the kidneys. It does not require any detoxification pathway or other manipulation before it is simply removed through the urine by the kidneys. The EDTA bound metals are more easily removed from the human body than Tylenol, alcohol, or most other medications.

    Since the metals are stored in the tissue and not primarily in the bloodstream, we want to pull them out of these tissues. Therefore, an oral form of EDTA (which is about 10% absorbed into the body) is taken to “prime the pump,” and start the process of pulling the metals out of the tissues. You will take these oral EDTA capsules (which is usually well-tolerated) for 5 days prior to your scheduled office visit where you will then receive an IV dose of EDTA that is based on your weight. You will then collect your urine over the next 12 hours. We give you a take-home kit which contains a container to store the urine during the next 12 hours and all needed items to complete the testing. Then when you are done, you simply mix the urine and pour a sample of it into the large test tube, box up the test tube and call FedEx. They will pick up the package from your doorstep. This will be sent to Doctors Data Lab where they will analyze the specimen for 20 toxic heavy metals.

    We will get a report about 10 to 14 days later and contact you to discuss the results. If necessary, we will outline a treatment protocol based on the results of your testing.

    An initial consultation fee of $100 is required for this process. The cost of the testing is $50. There is a $69 charge for the lab which you include in the box when you ship the specimen. This can be done by check or credit card.

    For patients in our medical practice, the testing (excluding the $69 lab fee) is included free in our monthly membership model.

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