• WBC WOW interview with Lisa Daly

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    May 14, 2020
    May 14, 2020
    WBC WOW interview with Lisa Daly

    Website: http://www.dalyacctg.com/
    Email address: lisa@dalyacctg.com

    One of the advantages of belonging to and participating in the Women’s Business Council is the benefit of meeting new people. The WBC is full of successful women and the businesses they represent.
    Please meet Lisa Daly Founder of Daly Accounting, our spotlight persona in the series called Women Who Wow us (WWW).
    Tell us about the services you provide?
    Each client has specific needs and I tailor my services to their needs, that being said a bookkeeper can be and is many different things. Primarily, my service is to coordinate your business financial records in the manner that is best for you.
    Some of the things that a bookkeeper can help you with are tax filings, compliance issues, administrative and procedural help, budgeting, and cash flow, recommend professionals such as bankers, insurance agents and investment professionals.
    Who is an ideal client for Daly Accounting?
    My ideal client is one who recognizes the importance of our relationship as a partnership for the benefit of their business.
    Tell us one thing you are the proudest of, perhaps a winning moment in your business.
    A winning moment for me is when a client says, “I feel so much better now that we have talked.”
    Would you share a piece of advice that you used to help you achieve your success?
    One of the best lessons that I have learned is that I may not be the right fit for every business owner or they for me, and that’s ok. My dear friend Kelly told me early on that people do business with those that they are drawn to, and she is so right.

    What is your favorite quote?
    Making an income while making an impact.
    If you could trade places with a leader, who would it be and why would you rock it?
    No idea 😊.
    Why are you a member of the WBC?
    I find it inspiring and empowering to be around women who are successful in business and making a positive difference in our community.
    Any “fail forward” experiences that you feel helped with your success. 
    Do not take on more work than you can handle for the sake of not wanting to say no.
    During COVID-19 what have you learned that you think is worth sharing?
    I have learned that those of us in business must be adaptable to circumstances; also, it is necessary to be compassionate to others who are struggling.
    Thank you, Lisa, for your time and please see below to learn more about Lisa!
    Daly Accounting began with two clients, a construction company, and a motor vehicle repair facility. It soon became clear that there is a need for this type of service in the Queensbury/Glens Falls area. Lisa has been a full charge bookkeeper for over 25 years. Her experience began in public accounting, starting with individual income tax return preparation. Accounting/bookkeeping came next, learning from some of the best CPA's in the Glens Falls and Queensbury area. Lisa’s public accounting experience introduced her to many different industries, business structures and their specific needs.
    To Contact Lisa:
    Lisa Daly
    Daly Accounting
    605 West Mountain Road
    ​Queensbury, NY  12804
    Telephone: (518) 409-0385
    Email: lisa@dalyacctg.com