• WBC WOW interview with Karen Lombardo

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    March 16, 2020
    WBC WOW interview with Karen Lombardo
    Website: https://putanotherway.com/
    Email address: findyourvoice@putanotherway.com

    One of the many advantages of belonging to and participating in the Women’s Business Council is the benefit of meeting new people. The WBC is full of successful women and the businesses they represent.

    Please meet Karen Lombardo from Put Another Way, our spotlight persona in the series called Women Who Wow us (WWW).

    Tell us about the services you provide.
    The foundation of Put Another Way is built upon content writing services and helping people Find Their Voice. We create and compose content for websites, newsletters, marketing materials, blogs, and anything needing content. The growth segment of our business has been coming from new website designs. We have created a website design package for start-ups and small businesses that afford them unique and customized websites at a price point suitable for small business owners. I have been fortunate enough to work with very talented marketing companies to refer my clients for SEO services, marketing strategy, and social media marketing assistance.

    The ancillary business of resume preparation and content for LinkedIn profiles has also grown exponentially.

    Who is an ideal client for Put Another Way?
    Our sweet spot client comes from the entrepreneur market consisting of businesses just starting out or an existing business 2-5 years old looking for a refresh of their website, marketing materials, and perhaps a blog. We love the energy these clients possess and the joy from making them happy and successful is tremendously rewarding. Our resume business has grown over 100% and our clients been hired about 89% of the time!

    Tell us one thing you are the proudest of, perhaps a winning moment in your business:
    I created a website and blog for a woman who needed a forum to showcase her expertise on a subject. She was intelligent and driven, yet very apprehensive about the whole process of creating this website/blog. We worked together for weeks after the release of the website and I soon turned the blogging over to her. The first blog post she did on her own was so exciting and she called me so appreciative….and proud. It was awesome and every time I receive a notification that she posted again; it makes me super happy.
    Would you share a piece of advice that you used to help you achieve your success?
    Relax and know yourself. When I first started out working in Manhattan for a Fortune 100 company and I petrified. I was so unsure I did not belong there and doubted my abilities. Once I experienced some success, those thoughts dissipated, but never actually disappeared. As the years went on and the successes outnumbered the ‘not-so-successes,’ I created a plan and a mindset, and I never looked back. I was also very fortunate to have magnificent support from my family and coworkers.

    What is your favorite quote?
    I use this one quite often: “You can’t ride two horses with one a*s(butt).”  I think I have said this 1000 times when speaking with clients or prospects. Every so often I collaborate with a company or individual who is undecided on their proposition value, key product/service, or outward facing brand. My goal is to join forces with them to fine tune their thoughts and create a perfectly reflective tagline, logo, website, or resume.

    If you could trade places with a leader, who would it be and why would you rock it?
    I think I am good right where I am. I would like to be more active in the community, perhaps taking a seat on a nonprofit board. I am interested in assisting battered and homeless women and children find jobs and rebuild their lives. Young women graduating from college also need guidance and ‘coaching’ as they enter a competitive workforce.

    Why are you a member of the WBC?
    There is untapped strength in women and women owned or managed business. I am active in the Women’s Business Council and through these relationships have grown my business and helped other business grow. I have not spent a significant amount of time in the north country, and I wanted to meet new people and learn more about the community.

    One more question, are there any “fail forward” experiences that you feel helped with your success.
    Hmm, this could take a while, but I will say, don’t apologize for pricing. When I started the business, I was so afraid to quote a project thinking the costs would be too high. Upon evaluation, I realized I was losing money on every job. I started tracking my time and expenses and now my pricing skills have improved, and the projects are quoted properly and fairly for both my business and my client.
    Thank you Karen for your time, and wisdom!

    Please reach out to Karen at:
    2345 Maxon Road, Suite #7
    Schenectady, NY 12308
    Cell: 518.469.8545
    Office: 518.280.6650