• Lotus Group Announces Executive Promotion - Kate Belden- A “Deserving” new role with Lotus Group

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    January 11, 2021
    Lotus Group announces an exciting promotion of Kate Belden, a long time and key member of the Lotus enterprise.

    Kate Belden has been promoted to the position of Director – Hospitality & Communications, following her accomplishments as General Manager for the Hospitality division of the Lotus Group. In these past 6 years, Kate has helped oversee the tremendous success of the hospitality division and its evolution into a very successful and diverse group of locations within the area.  In her new role, Kate will continue to bring best practices to all segments of the company, as well as explore strategic opportunities to support the company’s growth.

    Kate started her tenure with Lotus in 2015 as the General Manager of the Grist Mill, the first acquisition to jumpstart our hospitality division. When Lotus added Ashes Pub to the growing list in 2016, Kate took that project on as well. In 2018 Lotus re-imagined Ashes Pub and added Ocho Cinco Cantina as a unique but affordable dining option for our local community. The versatile offerings at our restaurants accommodate a plethora of dining preferences in the area, from a lively pub atmosphere to sophisticated dining with scenic views and impeccable service Kate and her team focus on appealing to the masses with creative menus, strategic advertising, and consistent customer service.

    “I have confidence that the Lotus brand will continue to grow and proudly expand our offerings in a multitude of verticals. Support from my team will only accelerate my success in sharing all that Lotus has to offer both locally and globally. While 2020 brought us all some frustration and sadness, 2021 is looking to be a year full of exciting journeys and professional progress for the entire Lotus team. I am thrilled to continue my involvement in the restaurant aspect of the company and join efforts on all the other endeavors.” Shared by Kate during the executive team weekly meeting.

    The Lotus Group enjoys a large and talented team of professionals, who have propelled the firm to be looked to by clients as a true customer focused business within all industries. Kate intends to build upon the success of the team to further expand the company’s product offerings and services, and geographic reach across borders. After the devastating fire at the Grist Mill, Kate’s “home” for the last 5 years was suddenly gone, Ash Anand, CEO of the Lotus enterprise recognized her talents and dedication and was determined to find her a new role with greater growth plans in mind. Despite the unfortunate circumstances this was the perfect time to have Kate fill in a bigger role within the Lotus organization. Kate’s collegiate experience in Communications helped in our decision to have her focus on our marketing efforts. Kate has been handling the websites and social media platforms for the restaurants since she began with us. She now proudly serves as our Director of Communications and Hospitality as she promotes all of our businesses and continues to manage the restaurant division with assistance from our reliable employees for the day-to-day operations.

    Ash Anand said – “Kate is an important part of our Executive team and the Lotus Family and she deserves every bit of the recognition because she works extremely hard and diligently with everything she does. This certainly adds more pressure to me, as I need to find something significant for her to grow and be able to apply her talent the right way. Kate is just such a pleasure to work with and I could not be more proud of the efforts she puts in every single day. With her new role, it may also be time for Lotus to venture into an unchartered territory within the hospitality world….Something we have not done before….Needing a fresh start to 2021, perhaps something new and exciting is coming that Kate can do wonders with.”