• CWI, Inc. Nominates Fulfillment Assistant for Joslin Outstanding Performance Awards

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    October 08, 2020
    Community Work & Independence (CWI, Inc.) is thrilled to announce the nomination of Kylie Ross, Fulfillment Assistant, for this year’s William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Awards! 

    The Joslin Awards is NYSID’s annual recognition program to nominate exceptional job performance and personal growth by individuals with disabilities, who are employed on NYSID Preferred Source contracts throughout member agencies and corporate partners. Last year, 51 individuals were recognized across the state. Of the individuals nominated this year, two will go on for further recognition at NYSID’s Annual Meeting later this month. We have our fingers crossed for Kylie!

    People naturally gravitate toward Kylie due to her welcoming demeanor. Kylie is charismatic with a positive energy and work ethic that is infectious. She can put you in a good mood and makes anyone want to do his or her best. She cares about her co-workers and never has a bad day….and if she ever did, you would never know it! Kylie grew up in Stony Creek, NY and has a close relationship with her family and enjoys visiting them. Today, Kylie lives in one of CWI’s IRAs, located in Glens Falls, NY.

    Kylie consistently models exceptional job performance and continues to grow personally while working on NYSID Preferred Source contracts. Kylie’s consistent top performance, superb attendance and her interpersonal skills are unparalleled not only for the last 12 months but also for the last 20 years! Kylie started her career with CWI in May of 2000 and was first nominated for the William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award in 2005.

    Kylie is upbeat, positive, follows directions and looks out for the best interest of the team and those that work with her. If she sees something that is not right, she calls it out and does something about it. One time she witnessed a disagreement between co-workers and feeling it could escalate, she immediately thought of a plan to quickly get help to put an end to a potentially difficult situation. Quality and attention to detail is top of Kylie’s mind – one of the preferred source products Kylie inspects and repackages is Patient Care Disposable Washcloths – if any of the packages of wipes have a blemish or mark, she is quick to pull it out and put it in the damaged pile. She does not want our customer to have to deal with inferior product. The same is true for anything that she works on! Consistent productivity and the highest of quality while working on the NYSID contracts. Kylie takes her work seriously and consistently does her best, without exception. She has an easy going, can-do attitude.

    Kylie has built and constantly maintains solid, positive relationships with her co-workers and supervisor. In fact, when Kylie experienced a change in supervisors last year, she did not skip a beat. She was welcoming, helpful and positive of the change and did whatever she could to help her new manager be successful. She adapts well to new and challenging situations. She has demonstrated her resilience many times over.

    There was a time last year where CWI fell behind on assembling the desk top calendars to meet the demand – Kylie was one of the first people to offer “I can stay late and work on these, and I am sure the others will too so we can get them done. People are counting on us.” Kylie and the team got it done!
    Kylie’s experience and opportunity with the preferred source program has given her the confidence and ability to be instrumental and a key lead for a Travelling Store that is part of CWI’s pre-vocational services. As part of the Travelling Store, individuals go to one particular nursing home with whom CWI has developed a relationship, and provide an opportunity to residents who cannot get out to shop to purchase products obtained from Just A Buck, CWI’s Dollar Store. Kylie helps track what people buy, makes change, upsells and provides great customer service. Money from sales recycle back into the program to purchase more products to offer residents. Kylie continues to learn essential employment skills, works diligently to apply them while working in the ADK Fulfillment Center, and has been very successful.

    One of Kylie’s life goals is to obtain her learner’s permit and learn how to drive a car…with her outlook, enthusiasm and determination, she is sure to achieve that goal with excellence!
    Rick Schnurbusch, Director of Business Development
    rschnurbusch@cwinc.org, 518-793-4700, Ext. 12133