• 25% OFF any upcoming self-defense classes

    Offer Valid: 08/15/2022 - 10/31/2022
    Who will be there for you? You will!
    The COBRA Self-Defense System is not a martial art. Our students don’t sit cross legged on the floor in their uniform watching their master perform a move. In contrast the COBRA System, has been designed for the real world.

    This is what we call “Reality Based Training” and it is what makes COBRA effective because the muscle memory you develop as part of your training revolves around what you’ll likely experience when out in the real world.

    25% OFF any upcoming classes

    • Teen and Child Safe

    • Ladies Self-Defense

    • Child Abduction Prevention

    • Active Shooter Response Plan

    • Bully Response Plan

    • Adult Self-Defense

    • 10 Week Academy


    If you want to get the training before you need it, contact Jared at saratogaselfdefense@gmail.com


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