• Residential Program Director

    Posted: 05/13/2024

    The Residential Program Director will be responsible for the direction and control of all staff and services for the Residential Services associated with assigned IRAs.  The Residential Program Director shall be the focal point of operational administrative activities associated with such programs of assigned IRAs.
    The position concept dictates that the Residential Program Director will directly supervise Residential Managers and Associate Residential Managers of assigned IRAs and will function as the Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) to meet regulatory standards for programmatic development and implementation with individuals residing in IRAs where the Residential Managers/Associate Residential Managers do not meet QIDP qualifications. 
    Residential Program Director will:
    1.         Actively cooperate with the President/CEO, Vice President/ COO and other staff in a joint endeavor in satisfactorily achieving the mission and goals of CWI.
    2.         Be responsible for overseeing the overall operation of the assigned services and sites, including, but not limited to matters of a) personnel, b) provision of services and c) inter/intra agency operations:
                a. Regular documented Supervisory Support and Performance Evaluation, attendance at IRA staff meetings, Kronos related oversight and approvals, mandatory trainings
                b. Residential Habilitation Plan, and associated supports, protections and safeguards, development and implementation
                c. Timely monitoring/ review/ follow-up of Residential On-Call notes, providing annual CWI and site-specific Fire Safety Training, participation in trans-departmental QIDP meetings
    3.         Supervise the assignments and training of staff and development and delivery of services.  Must employ the use of independent and sound judgment in directing, evaluating, assigning, and disciplining such staff.
    4.         Supervise maintenance of program and service records as required.
    5.         Maintain the following records to personal service administration:
                a.         Master plan for staffing.
                b.         A plan for the orientation of new staff and documentation that each new employee has been oriented.
                c.         A plan for providing initial and continuing in-service education to include developmental disabilities, normalization concepts, goal planning, task analysis, applied behavioral analysis and other training specific for each type of service provided as well as documentation that each employee has been provided such education and training.
                d.         A plan of evaluation of assigned staff.
    6.         Ensure that sufficient staff is always present to provide services; the master staffing plan should indicate an adequate staffing ratio.
    7.         Prepare and maintain an emergency disaster plan that is based, in part, upon the disaster preparedness plan of the locality.
    8.         Keep confidential and make available only to authorized persons all medical, social, personal and financial information relative to each registrant.
    9.         Ensure that within 30 days of admission, and as indicated thereafter, all individuals have a current and valid Life Plan, inclusive of the Residential Habilitation Plan.
    10.       Ensure the provision of individually planned services and activities designed to improve/increase independence, individualization, inclusion and productivity to each individual.
    11.       Ensure that each individual has the opportunity for meaningful social, recreational, leisure and other purposeful activities in an environment appropriate for such activities.
    12.       Ensure the provision of appropriate transportation for individuals.
    13.       Ensure that the service environments are maintained appropriately and are adequate for the health and safety of the individuals.
    14.       Supervise maintenance of appropriate fiscal records and forms in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

    1. Ensure the compliance of programs and services to applicable regulations.        
    16.       Be responsible for Residential incident/accident investigation process, quality assurance and Plan of Corrective Action.
    17.       Oversee the budget development, project and control expenditures, and maintain accountability for all related fiscal matters.
    18.       As needed, act in the capacity of professional practitioner in delivery of program services.
    19.       Perform any other duties as assigned by the Division Director of Residential Services.
    20.       Act in any other capacity as directed by the President/CEO.
    Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or related field, or licensed RN, with minimum of one (1) years’ experience working with people with developmental disabilities and demonstrated leadership/management experience providing services to persons with developmental disabilities. Must be capable of handling all the position responsibilities outlined in the job description, including leadership role, scheduling, problem solving, direct care, and accountability for quality service provisions.  Valid NYS driver’s license acceptable to Agency insurance standards.