• Residential Direct Support Profesisionals

    Posted: 05/13/2024

    Pay: $18.16-$19.27 per hour

    The Residential Relief DSP will assist the Residential Manager and the Residential Program Director in the programming and supervision of the participants in the Residential Habilitation Program.
    The Residential Relief DSP will:
    1. Actively cooperate with the President/CEO and other staff members in a joint endeavor in satisfactorily achieving the goals of CWI.
    2. Work under the supervision of the Residential Manager in carrying out the objectives of the Life Plan.
    3. Carry out the methodologies and techniques of each service area.
    4. Supervise participants in routine activities, which may include but is not limited to feeding, lifting, repositioning, assisting in ambulating, execution of exercise programs, physical intervention in behavior programs/crisis, first aid, CPR, medication administration and transportation of the participants.
    5. Promote therapeutic carry over for the participants during transit as assigned.
    6. Assist participants displaying deficits in the areas of health care, toileting, dressing, showering and feeding, independent living skills, mobility, communication, self help, socialization and adaptive skills.
    7. Interact with participants in a therapeutic manner to facilitate social and interpersonal development.
    8. Perform general housekeeping duties, laundry, shopping, cleaning, meal preparation, and all other responsibilities to create a positive home environment.
    9. Keep daily records of program participants’ progress.
    10. Attend and provide input during participant's reviews and individual participant service plan development.
    11. Evaluate participants in specific service areas in conjunction with the Residential Manager and the Individual Services Team.
    12. May be temporarily redeployed to another IRA
    13. Residential Relief DSP’s must be able to Raise or lower an object (weighing up to 50 pounds) from one level to another, using hands, arms, and/or shoulders. Includes upward pulling.
    14. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Residential Manager or Residential Program Director.
    15. Take part in any in-service training as offered by the agency and attend meetings as requested.
    16. Act in any other capacity as directed by the President/CEO.
    High School Diploma or equivalent preferred. Must be of good character, have a clean background, Driver’s License Preferred. Must have an affinity for working with working people with developmental disabilities, and be capable of handling all the position responsibilities as outlined. Demonstrated competency in first aid/CPR safety procedures, medication administration, a high school diploma or CNA Certification, is considered a plus.