• Coordinating Assistant Public Defender

    Posted: 07/02/2024

    The Warren County Public Defender’s Office has an opening for a Coordinating Attorney.  The Coordinating Attorney represents indigent criminal defendants throughout all stages of court proceedings, from arraignment through final disposition of the case.  The Coordinating Attorney also oversees client representation by the office’s Assistant Public Defenders.  Supervision is exercised over attorneys in all aspects of the legal process, with a focus on felony-level casework.  The Coordinating Attorney is supervised by the Department Head and the First Assistant Public Defender, with wide leeway permitted for the exercise of independent judgment.
    SALARY:  Annual salary range of $96,936 – $113,616.  Rate to be determined on basis of candidate’s qualifications and breadth of experience.
        A) Licensed to practice law in the State of New York; and
        B) Five (5) years of full-time paid experience as a licensed attorney practicing criminal law in the State of New            York.

    RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS:  Candidate must be a resident of Warren County or a contiguous county at the time of appointment.

    Carries felony-level caseload in County Court, counseling clients and representing them at court appearances, performing all necessary motion work, conducting preliminary hearings, engaging in plea negotiations, preparing for trial, and conducting jury trials;
    Oversees Assistant Public Defenders at every stage of proceedings following arrest, by providing strategic advice, aiding in legal research, guiding motion work, and supervising or second-chairing hearings and trial work;
    Assists the Public Defender in preparing for a variety of court proceedings, as well as in drafting court filings;
    Confers with defendants, witnesses, law enforcement personnel, judges, and members of the District Attorney’s Office concerning individual cases;
    Prepares for trials by researching applicable law and rules of evidence, preparing trial folder/notebook, reviewing potential jurors, assessing trial charges proposed by the Court, requesting jury charges as necessary, drafting motions in limine, and preparing client and witnesses for trial;
    Supervises support staff in preparing cases for trial by segregating and maintaining specific evidence for courtroom presentation;
    Tries cases in County Court, beginning with conducting voir dire and selecting a jury, delivering opening statement, presenting defendant’s case after the People rest, questioning of witnesses on direct as well as cross examination, and delivering closing statements/summation;
    Drafting and filing of Notice of Appeals and post-judgment motions as necessary; and
    May conduct appellate work by preparing briefs, compiling records, obtaining transcripts, and performing oral argument at the Appellate Division. 

    Thorough knowledge of New York State Criminal Procedure Law and Penal Law; 
    Understanding of courtroom procedures and rules of evidence;
    Excellent legal research and writing skills;
    Exceptionally skilled at oral and written communication and persuasion;
    Capable of quick and logical reasoning under stressful situations;
    Flexibility to rapidly change tactics and effectively troubleshoot in response to unexpected challenges and unanticipated developments in a case;
    Outstanding ability to analyze and interpret laws and legal documents in order to render accurate opinions and recommendations, and to develop effective defense strategies; 
    Knowledge and experience in preparing for and conducting court hearings and jury trials;
    Aptitude for recognizing when expert witnesses are required for hearings and/or trials, and proficiency at identifying and retaining expert services and obtaining funding from the County for same as needed; 
    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, as well as to mentor and provide advice and guidance to attorneys in the office; and
    Maintains open lines of communication with the Department Head and First Assistant Public Defender to confer on cases, attorney performance, and general supervision.

    SPECIAL REQUIREMENT:  Possession of a valid New York State driver’s license at time of appointment, or demonstration that candidate is otherwise able to meet transportation needs of the position.
    Interested candidates may submit a cover letter, resume, and list of references to:
    Gregory V. Canale, Esq.
    Warren County Public Defender
    Warren County Public Defender’s Office 
    1340 State Route 9 
    Lake George, New York 12845 c/o Erin K. Komon, Esq.
    Warren County is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer