• Code Enforcement Officer - City of Glens Falls

    Posted: 08/15/2023

    City of Glens Falls is seeking a Code Enforcement Officer responsible for the administration and enforcement of the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code along with local fire or building code, and related local municipal laws, rules, and zoning ordinance. They will provide for the coordination of all activities relevant to ensuring compliance with appropriate laws, codes, rules, and regulations.
    Residency: Candidates must have been legal resident of Warren or a contiguous County for at least four months immediately preceding the date of the exam.
    Salary: $55,000-$65,000
    Minimum Qualifications:
    1) Associate’s degree in engineering, mechanical, or construction technology or closely related field and 2 years of experience in construction or the building trades: or
    2) Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and 4 years of experience in construction or the building trades, or
    3) An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined I by the limits of (1) and (2)
    Special Requirements: 
    1) Possession of a valid NYS driver’s license throughout employment
    2) Incumbent must complete prescribed training requirements as set forth in title 19 of the New York State Department of Codes, Rules, and Regulations Part 1208.
                                               This appointment is subject to Civil Service Law and Rules
    Interested candidates may submit a job application to:
    Judy Villa White, HR Director
    City of Glens Falls
    42 Ridge Street
    Glens Falls, NY 12801
    Applications may be obtained from www.cityofglensfalls.com
    City of Glens Falls is an Equal Opportunity Employer