• Dining Room Supervisor

    Silver Bay YMCA Conference & Family Retreat Center
    Job Description

    Dining Room Supervisor is required to supervise any and all dining room servers/attendants, door greeters, line servers, dining room supervisors and dish-room staff. This position is responsible for making sure that all dining set up needs are met and executed in a timely manner and presentable. The Dining Room Supervisor is responsible for developing a training program/regimen for all dining room staff and volunteers and facilitating the training. The Dining Room Supervisor will work in tandem with the Banquet/FSSU Manager to provide comprehensive coverage of Silver Bay’s dining services, functions, and setups. In this capacity, the Dining Room Supervisor would additionally supervise the FSSU staff as needed when the Banquet/FSSU Manager is unavailable.

    The Dining Room Supervisor has broad array of responsibilities related to the successful management of the dining room and customer service functions involving food service campus wide. These responsibilities include staff training, team development, the building and execution of staff meeting agendas, supervision and support of Dining Room Supervisors, staff evaluation, and guest relations. The Dining Room Supervisor has a focused responsibility to monitor the flow, quality of food, cleanliness of facility & maintain the excellent level of service being provided by the staff in the dining room during meal times, including circulating throughout the dining areas to interact with guests for feedback. Additionally, to monitor the input and output of setup needs from Food Service, maintain quality standards and accountability for the completion of setups, maintain quality standards and accountability for special function setup/execution as a support to the Banquet/FSSU Manager. The Dining Room Supervisor acts in a supporting role to assist in staff hiring and recruitment. The Dining Room Supervisor must have a friendly and positive attitude towards guests and staff.

    The Dining Room Supervisor must possess strong organizational skills, have the ability to multitask, understand customer service principles, and practice strong leadership skills. High School Diploma or equivalent required. Work experience related to customer service required. Sound verbal, writing, and mathematical skills. Basic working knowledge of computers. Excellent interpersonal skills are required for developing a staff team and relating to guests. Work experience skills required includes use of direct customer service skills, food service supervisory work, and working with a team. The Dining Room Supervisor needs 2 years of foodservice experience and 1 years of supervisory experience. Must be able to obtain and maintain a ServSafe and TIPPS certification.

    Principle Activities:
    • Managing a customer service oriented team.
    • Working closely with Conference & Guest Services and the Kitchen to execute an outstanding dining experience.
    • Planning & help run staff meetings
    • Staff training related to Dining room procedures and customer service.
    • Support Banquet/FSSU Manager in training related to Refreshment Setups, Catered Functions, and inventory management.
    • Assistance in general cleaning and maintenance of the Dining Hall, Kitchen, Dish Room, Loading Dock and surrounding areas. Additional support to catered function prep location cleaning.
    • Participation in Staff Meetings and any tasks related to providing excellent customer service to our guests.
    • Being a member of a TEAM focused workplace and maintains a high-spirited attitude to keep the moral of the staff up.
    • Participate and promote all Silver Bay Association special events and fund raising activities.
    • Report all accidents and incidents involving self, participants, guests and other employees.
    • Maintaining good personal hygiene and personal sanitation.

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