• Food Recovery Coordinator- Farm Focus

    Position Description: Comfort Food Community is seeking a seasonal Food Recovery Coordinator with a farm focus. This position works closely with staff and volunteers to recover and aggregate fresh food from farms and local food vendors and distribute food to a network of community partner organizations. A large percentage of this job will involve farm outreach and communication, as well as volunteer coordination. Additional responsibilities will include surplus food movement, and delivery and food safety and quality control.

    Reports to: Food Recovery Manager

    Employee Type:  Part Time, Non-Exempt, Seasonal

    Salary: $19/hour

    Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

    Farm Outreach and Communication (30%) 

    • Maintain strong communication with existing farms that work with the Food Recovery program to ensure that expectations are being met and recovery systems are working effectively.

    • Develop outreach materials that communicate the benefits of participating in Food Recovery’s programming.

    • Develop, publish, and maintain a regular recovery schedule with farms in the program.

    • Identify and recruit new farms to participate in Food Recovery programming such as gleans and donations. 

    Volunteer Coordination (30%) 

    • Identify and recruit new volunteers to volunteer in food recovery and distribution activities, including gleaning, washing and storage, transportation, food distributions, etc.

    • Work with the CFC Communications Coordinator to develop outreach materials that communicate volunteer activities, schedule, and responsibilities.

    • Develop, maintain, and populate volunteer schedule for Food Recovery activities from among the pool of trained volunteers to ensure consistent attendance and supply of fresh foods. 

    Surplus Food Management (20%)  

    • Work with Food Recovery Manager on the harvest or pick-up of surplus foods from farms and vendors.

    • Weigh, record, and track all data required for monthly reports and any other relevant data. 

    • With other staff, manage the transport, washing, storing, and inventory management systems required to move food from source to consumer in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.  

    • Assist with monthly reporting requirements.  

    Surplus Food Delivery (15%) 

    • Provide backup and support for the Food Recovery Driver. This includes the three weekly retail partner pickup and delivery runs, and weekly Farm 2 Library and partner agency delivery route.  

    • Manage food distributions at sites where in-house staff and volunteers are not available or do not exist (parks, municipal buildings, rec centers, etc.). 

    • Work with Food Recovery Coordinator & Manager to communicate with partner organizations and related distribution sites. 

    Food Safety and Quality Control (5%) 

    • Obtain licensing and/or accreditation in Serv Safe training. 

    • From training, model and train volunteers in Food Safety policy and procedures for all areas of food rescue – fields, transport, washing and packing, storage, and distribution. 

    • Maintain quality control systems throughout harvest and distribution network; perform site inspections; develop and maintain system for tracking training, inspections, and results from those activities.


    • Farming experience

    • Ability to work with and give direction to volunteers

    Organizational Values 

    Each employee upholds CFC organizational values, as follows: 

    • Dedication and commitment. We are bound by our mission to feed people, and we are invested in minimizing the harmful impacts of hunger.

    • Fun! Humor heals. This can be emotionally taxing work and we remember to keep things light.  

    • Honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. At our core, we cannot do what we do without believing in each other.  

    • Collaboration and teamwork. Fulfilling our mission is contingent on excellent cross-program communication.

    • Care, empathy, and support. We lead with kindness and compassion for all those we interact with.

    • Creativity and resourcefulness. How can we do our work in innovative ways that question the norm and get us further than ever? 

    • Tolerance and respect. Our uniqueness is what makes us special and our collective understanding of this allows us all to flourish.

    • Accountability and diligence. We are clear about our roles yet can side-step as needed. Our shared work ethic gets the job done. 

    Work Environment

    • Days and times flexible based on availability of the candidate

    • Must have own transportation, valid driver’s license, and insurance

    • Willingness to work occasional weekends and evenings as needed

    About CFC

    Comfort Food Community (CFC) works to build community systems to alleviate rural food insecurity, improve health, and create a robust, sustainable local food system. We are headquartered in Greenwich, NY, a small town of about 5,000 people, in Washington County in the upper Hudson Valley. We provide food through a dynamic operation of programs. CFC operates with a paid staff of 12 and more than 75 volunteers. We promote a workplace that supports equity, diversity, and inclusion.

    Comfort Food Community is committed to a diverse work environment, and this commitment is demonstrated through our hiring practices. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or veteran