Network for Enterprising Women


    The Network for Enterprising Women was started in 2003 by the ARCC as an asset for

     women in executive and management decision-making roles in businesses throughout the region. The network functions with the mission of helping participants to regularly meet with their peers in order to develop lasting and productive business relationships and help their companies to succeed, grow, and thrive. While the primary focus is on business development, the network encourages participation through its monthly luncheons or breakfasts by providing access to speakers who will discuss trends and technical expertise that is of direct value both personally and professionally.


    Information About the Lunches & Breakfasts

    Lunch meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month except for July
    and August, and are open to ARCC members and non-members on a limited basis. They are held at various locations in our region and change month by month. Cost is $18 per person for ARCC members and $25 per person for non-members. Pre-registration is required.


    Speakers and Programs

    Women, who have expertise in an area of business or various subjects, present programs on topics that are relatable to the audience and offer information to help them in their personal and professional lives. Preference is given to ARCC members.


    Sponsorship Information

    Monthly sponsorships are available for NEW, which will provide an excellent opportunity for support and growth of this vital and important group, as well as exposure for the sponsoring company. Sponsors must be an ARCC member. The monthly sponsor gets a display table, as well as a five-minute commercial during the program. Cost of sponsoring a meeting is $150 and includes lunch for one person. For further questions, please contact us, 798-1761.